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                                Journey on the C & O Canal


Gabe Marks signs on for a thrilling adventure but discovers slippery tunnels, near-drowings, threatening thunderstorms, and a way of life he could never have imagined. Step back to 1909 and an almost forgotten chapter in American life as you follow Gabe's journey on the C & O Canal.


And don't forget the sick mule!




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The Free and the Brave


It's the summer of 1814. The British are advancing on Baltimore, where Jacob Franks and his family live. They've already burned down Washington, D.C. Will Baltimore be next? Jacob and his friends do their best to help out by digging trenches and building ramparts. They bring kosher food to the Jewish soldiers at Fort McHenry. But will the people of Baltimore be able to protect their beloved city?


Join Jacob and his friends as they defend the land of the free and the home of the brave.




"This beautifully expedited novel ... spreads the message of the importance of family, friendship, hard work ... and pulling together across racial/ethnic barriers in times of need."


                       Fiona Alison,

                        Historical Novel Society





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All-Star Season



Brothers Reuven and Avi have two strong bonds – the solidity of their Jewish family life and their passionate love of baseball. Both are desperately working for a spot on the end-of-season All-Star team. The tensions leading to the big game and its surprise outcome will satisfy all young baseball fans.



Winner, Sydney Taylor Manuscript Award

Sydney Taylor Notable Book, 2008

PJ Our Way Book Club Selection


All-Star Season is sure to be a hit with young baseball fans.

-- Amit Magazine


will engage a young reader from the first page. [Who] doesn't relate to sibling rivalry, team competition, school achievement and family relations? Add girls … and you've got the perfect mix for this age group.

 -- Chicago Jewish Star



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Prefer Short Fiction??


Try these anthologies ...

Jewish Love Stories for Kids


Yavin, T. (2002). Like Ruth and Naomi. In Jewish Love Stories for Kids (pp. 99-138). New York, NY: Pitspopany



Jewish Detective Stories for Kids    


Yavin, T. (2001). Treasure in a Teapot. In Jewish Detective Stories for Kids (pp. 29-54). New York, NY: Pitspopany Press.


Summer Shorts


Yavin, T. (2006). Why Do the Horses Stand in the Sea. In Summer shorts: A short story anthology (pp. 24-39). Austin, TX: Blooming Tree Press.





A Star-Spangled Jewish New Year


Highlights Magazine, September 2015




When the White House Celebrates Hanukkah        


Highlights Magazine for Children,   December 2017

Science Weekly

Issues on:

Hurricanes, Living in Space, Science of Soap, Buoyancy,

Roller Coasters, Reflections and Echoes, Muscles,

Measurements, Time, Pulleys, Scuba Diving,

Helicopters, Hybrid Cars, Accidental Science,

Earth's Atmospher


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