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I Write Because ...

Little Women and Black Beauty were the first two books that I read once I had moved past picture books or small chapter books. I was 8 and these books had no pictures, just words, words, words. Here is what I discovered.


Opening a new book was like crossing a threshold into somebody else's world. As long as I stayed in that world, I had new friends, saw new things, discovered new experiences. It was like being invited to spend a vacation with people you had never met before doing new and wonderful things.


Finishing the book was like saying good-bye. Everyone hates good-byes. But saying good-bye to a book – as hard as that can be – has one saving grace. You can go back anytime you like. There is a standing invitation to visit anytime.


Oh – and there actually were pictures. I found them – in the words. Full color. Wide screen. Limited only by my imagination.


Once I had discovered the joy of reading, I knew then, that someday, somehow, I wanted to write something wonderful for someone else to read. I wanted to open a door for someone else. Issue an invitation:


Come on in! Welcome to my world!

OK - Here are some facts ...

I know that everyone wants to know things about the author. So here we go:


I have lived in New York, Oklahoma, Alabama, Georgia, Illinois, Texas, California, Virginia and Maryland.


I have studied philosophy, education, math, and computer science.


I have three children (all grown) and nine grandchildren.


I currently have 2 dogs and 3 cats. We previously shared our lives with 7 dogs, more cats than I can remember, birds and gerbils. (Ask me about one gerbil's great escape - it's a very funny story.)


I love camping, hiking, kayaking,visiting museums, attending concerts and plays and  of course, reading.


I play the violin and can't sing a note.


If there's anything else you'd like to know, drop me a note. I'd be happy to answer!


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