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Wild Animals, Slippery Tunnels, Thunderstorms, and a Sick Mule!


Journey on the C & O Canal




Gabe Marks signs on for a thrilling adventure but discovers slippery tunnels, near-drowings, threatening thunderstorms, and a way of life he could never have imagined. Step back to 1909 and an almost forgotten chapter in American life as you follow Gabe's journey on the C & O Canal.


And don't forget the sick mule!




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                                            OR TRY ONE OF THESE:

The Free and the Brave


It's the summer of 1814.


The British are advancing on Baltimore where Jacob Franks and his family live.They've already burned down Washington, D.C.


Will Baltimore be next?


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                    All-Star Season


Award-Winning Sports Novel


Reuven and Avi-


Which brother will make All-Stars?


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