Tovah S. Yavin

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Fiction for Children
Teamwork tops competition and family proves stronger than ambition in this exciting ride through a difficult baseball season.
Summer vacation, summer camp, or just dreaming of warm weather and faraway places: these tales follow summer children as they laugh, cry and explore their world.
Mysteries and treasures can be found anywhere - even in a teapot. Read Treasure in a Teapot in this fun-filled anthology.
Do children share some of the character traits and problems as older people? Fear and shyness. Hopes and dreams. In "Like Ruth and Naomi" two people reach across a canyon of years and find that love and caring works for any age. Read "The Blind Man at the Art Museum" under Poetry for Adults for a different perspective.
Fiction for Adults
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Nonfiction for Children

Welcome to My World

Little Women and Black Beauty were the first two big books that I ever read. I was 8 and these books had no pictures, just words, words, words. Here is what I discovered.

Opening a new book was like crossing a threshold into somebody else’s world. As long as I stayed in that world, I had new friends, saw new things, discovered new experiences. It was like being invited to spend a vacation with people you had never met before doing new and wonderful things.

Finishing the book was like saying good-bye. Everyone hates good-byes. But saying good-bye to a book – as hard as that can be – has one saving grace. You can go back anytime you like. Once a book is published, everyone has a standing invitation to visit anytime.

Oh – and there were pictures. I found them – in the words. Full color. Wide screen. Limited only by my imagination.

I discovered the joy of reading when I was 8. And I knew then, that someday, somehow, I wanted to be able to open a door for someone else. Issue an invitation. A standing invitation.

Come on in! Welcome to my world!



(Under Flash Fiction for Adults)

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