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Fiction for Children
Teamwork tops competition and family proves stronger than ambition in this exciting ride through a difficult baseball season.
Summer vacation, summer camp, or just dreaming of warm weather and faraway places: these tales follow summer children as they laugh, cry and explore their world.
Mysteries and treasures can be found anywhere - even in a teapot. Read Treasure in a Teapot in this fun-filled anthology.
Do children share some of the character traits and problems as older people? Fear and shyness. Hopes and dreams. In "Like Ruth and Naomi" two people reach across a canyon of years and find that love and caring works for any age. Read "The Blind Man at the Art Museum" under Poetry for Adults for a different perspective.
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How low can they blow? How high can they fly?
When the toes of the sun scorch the tips of the trees
And the leaves whish about with a whistle and sigh.

Then the air turns chill, and winter stands by
While yellows and reds show where green used to be.
How low will they blow? How high will they fly?

So you rake and you pile all the way to the sky
And your lawn is so neat, everybody agrees
Till the leaves rush about with a whistle and sigh.

But the rains come and soak all the leaves where they lie
And the piles start to look like a slippery sea
Now, how low can they blow? How high can they fly?

At last winter's here and you hurry on by
For soon snow will paint all that you see
While the leaves scrunch below with a whisper and sigh.

Now look out your window! You’ll see only white,
But remember the leaves that sailed so carefree.
How low they could blow. How high they could fly,
As they rushed all about with a whistle and sigh.

Wee Ones – emagazine November 2002