Tovah S. Yavin

Selected Works

Fiction for Children
Teamwork tops competition and family proves stronger than ambition in this exciting ride through a difficult baseball season.
Summer vacation, summer camp, or just dreaming of warm weather and faraway places: these tales follow summer children as they laugh, cry and explore their world.
Mysteries and treasures can be found anywhere - even in a teapot. Read Treasure in a Teapot in this fun-filled anthology.
Do children share some of the character traits and problems as older people? Fear and shyness. Hopes and dreams. In "Like Ruth and Naomi" two people reach across a canyon of years and find that love and caring works for any age. Read "The Blind Man at the Art Museum" under Poetry for Adults for a different perspective.
Fiction for Adults
Read and Enjoy
Read and Enjoy
Nonfiction for Children

Tovah Yavin is an experienced teacher who has worked with both children and adults. She has done classes, workshops, presentations on creative writing, history, science and a list of topics too long to - well, list.

She loves creating worlds with words - rhymed or not - fact or not - and would happily share that joy with your class or your group of any age.

She can be reached at TovahSYavin@​